Summer Finishing School and Etiquette Classes

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July 24, 2018
Kaduna summer Finishing School. Holiday Programs for Kids

There is a growing need for a shift in the educational paradigm. With every passing day our society is having more people who have finished school but are not functional in the society. There is a growing tension leading to unnecessary conflicts and a lack of togetherness.
Education must be taken beyond fancy accents, phonetics and mathematics to ability to think critically, respect diversity, appreciate values and be emotionally intelligent.
According to Tatler editor, Kate Reardon, "Having good manners is more important than good grades when it comes to forging a career". Good manners encourage others to help them progress. Mahatma Ghandi adds that to reach real peace in this world, we shall have to begin from Children.
You have an opportunity to key your teens into building good manners, social skills and brilliant communication.
Tanar Educational consultancy Introduces a two day interactive and grooming session for teens featuring:
Movie Show: The Children's March
Project based learning
Reading sessions with the author of the book, Fundamental Etiquette for Young Nigerians.
Copies of the best selling Young people's guide on good manners, Fundamental Etiquette for Young Nigerians will be on sale at heavily discounted prices.
Your child should be a part of this.
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Impressive, keep it up

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Thank you. Quality education is our focus.