Teachers'Reality TV show Debuts in Nigeria

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August 8, 2019
Teachers Get to Show their stuff on TV
Namse Udosen is one of the house mates in the Teachers Reality TV Show

ANUB media is hosting a first of it's kind Teachers'Reality Show. It promises to be to exciting as we see other side of teachers lives. The part you do not see in the classroom. There will be intrigues and entertainment in addition to the intellectual tasks in the house.
The house comprises of seven males and eight females. The finalists are:
Namse Peter Udosen
Oladimeji Olawale
Adeseyi Adekunle
Ijiga Dominic Edache
Zam Emmanuel
Okosun Oselunese Victor
John Attach

Vivian Ifeagwu
Blessing Sarki Yabim
Fidelis Chinwe
Isioma Madidi
Ojukwu Adaeze
Mary Jane Ikeakaonwu
Bebedicta Ify Andrew

The convener of the show stated that, "You are right when you say that teachers are least appreciated when it comes to awards and cash prizes. That is to tell you that we still need to improve on what we invest in. A nation that invests on its educational system has secured its future. For example we have other shows that are not education based and they are well supported and sponsored, but when it comes to education or teachers, people tends to walk away. In our own capacity, this first season of the show will have three winners and the winner will go home with one million five hundred thousand naira, the first runner up will go home with one million naira and the second runner up will get five hundred thousand naira. The school the winners are representing will get education support worth five hundred thousand naira each and the three winners will have the opportunity to go for an all expense educational paid trip to Dubai."

The show will air on the following stations:
DSTV channel 252
GOTV channel 92/192
Startimes 109
PlayTV 804