Tanar Kaduna Bookathon

According to UNESCO Nigeria has between 65 and 75 million illiterates. This is one of the highest illiteracy rates in the world. In addition to illiteracy caused by none school attendance; there is the problem of school children who cant read after spending six years in Primary school. The World Development Report 2018 of the World Bank also shows that only about twenty (20) percent of pupils who have finished primary school can read. Nigeria ought to feel endangered that half of its population is illiterate in a fast-moving technological global space and time.
Literacy development is fulcrum of educational development in any society. Schooling without literacy development is a wasted opportunity and a great injustice to children.
Literacy development is the stages passed through by pupils in building their reading and spelling skills. In the last decade theories relating to building literacy in children have evolved globally (Jolly Phonics, Oxford Reading Tree etc). Educators and scholars have proven that literacy development is a scientific process. Studies have shown a positive correlation between availability of quality reading materials and literacy development.
In summary the building blocks to literacy are:
General oral vocabulary development
Specific cultural and social vocabulary development
Phonetic awareness
Speech to print knowledge
Above all learners need to be exposed to a variety of materials and activities such as books, charts, games, audio-visuals to develop their literacy.
Many educators have decried the gap in qualitative books for pupils especially in public schools and rural areas.
Tanar Kaduna Bookathon: The Concept
Tanar Kaduna Bookathon is a literacy development intervention modeled after both local and international bookathon projects (Flipleaves, Bookdash) but with some modifications by Tanar Educational Consultancy. Traditionally, Bookathons are events where books are collected to support a literacy cause. The Kaduna Bookathon would involve creative writers, teachers, artists, graphic designers coming together to produce books and other literacy building materials for pupils in public schools.
We intend to produce books and learning materials with rich local content that would help improve literacy development in Kaduna state.

Objectives of the Project
To produce quality books, charts, flash cards and posters with local content for pupils in Kaduna state
To promote collaboration among various creatives for educational resources development
To improve the creativity in the production of books and educational resources in Kaduna
To get individuals and corporate organizations contribute to literacy development in Nigeria
The event would be carried out in four phases.
Phase one: February 4th to March 4th 2019
Call for entries from writers, artists, graphic designers and other creative people.
Categories include:
Science Fiction,
Nature and Social studies.
Criteria and specifications for the entries would be spelt out and an online platform would be provided for submission of entries.

Phase two March April 2019
The collation of submissions and selection of participants for Bookathon by the team of experts.

Phase Three
Pre- Bookathon and Bookathon.
The Pre-Bookathon is a mini fund raising and meet up of selected participants to create a focus for the main bookathon event. The various categories of contributors to the project would gather and brainstorm on manner of collaborative works to be produced during the Tanar Kaduna Bookathon.

The Bookathon
Based on decisions reached at the pre-bookathon event, the selected participants would before a live audience of students, teachers and other stakeholders to produce the
books and other literacy development materials.
The books and materials produced will form part of a Literacy Development project that would incorporate sports, music, arts and craft.

Phase four
Post production and distribution of materials to schools and communities.
We intend to produce at least 10,000 copies of at least 5 books to be distributed to selected public schools in Kaduna State. We also hope to make ebooks available for download.
There would also be training sessions on Literacy Development for teachers and others involved in Literacy advocacy.

How you May Support

Book cost details
Financial Support
To support printing and book production
To fund the logistics of organizing the bookathon
To give stipends to participating creatives
To pay for and produce publicity materials

Categories of Financial Support for Tanar Kaduna Bookathon
Red Category
Five Hundred Thousand Naira and Above
Blue Category
One Hundred Thousand Naira to Five Hundred Naira
Green Category
Below One Hundred Thousand Naira
Technical and Material Support
Laptops and software to aid design and production of literacy development materials
Hardware and peripherals (projectors, screens, scanners)
Internet Access
Event publicity

You can purchase publication rights to some of the works produced commercial production.

About Tanar Educational Consultancy
TEC is concerned with providing high quality professional development services in all aspects of school improvement and educational development.
We have specific experience in providing support, educational consultancy and professional development in areas that include:

ICT development for teaching and learning (E-learning capacity building)

Development of school programmes and activities (Workshops and Seminars)

Evaluation of teaching learning process
Guidance and counselling for students

Development of modern instructional materials (including textbooks, audio visuals and charts)

Planning and organization of training workshops for teacher development
School branding

We have been involved in providing technical support for the following

Reading is Fun Project, Calabar. A seminar on the importance of reading conducted at Federal Government College, Calabar in collaboration with the Office of the First Lady of Cross River State.

Dependency Project for out-of-school Program in collaboration with CIK Studios at Baban Saura, Kaduna

Our Team
Namse Udosen
Namse is an education development expert, teacher and publisher of the childrens classic “Fundamental Etiquette for Young Nigerians”.

Anita Kevin
Anita is a literacy teacher, dyslexia advocate and Business development service provider.

Ibrahim Ciroma
Ibrahim is a media communications expert and a visual artist.

Rahila Ibrahim
Rahila is a certified pharmacist and literary enthusiast. She has worked with several development projects in Kaduna.
We look forward to your kind support.

Namse Udosen
For Tanar Bookathon Team