St Peter's Minor Seminary shines in Maths Competition

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April 8, 2019
Kaduna state Mathematics challenge

ST Peter's Minor Seminary Shines in Math Challenge

Dennis Okelekwe of St Peter's Minor Seminary, Katari has emerged winner of the Kaduna state Mathematics challenge put together by Educational Prowess Intiative. He outshined contestants from secondary schools around Kaduna in a stiff competition.
Dennis is currently a JSS 3 student in the school and has demonstrated a strong maths sense. His was outstanding in his victory margin and hopefully this is a building block for a science career.

St Peter's Minor Seminary is located along in Katari along the Kaduna-Abuja express. Katari is has been in the bad light in recent times because of kidnapping gangs operating there. The performance of Dennis is a sign that proper education is the key to development. We are sure this feat will inspire many others in the community.
St Peter's Minor Seminary has been a shinning light in
quality education provision in Katari. It is a fully boarding, boys only college, that provides traditional Catholic education based on discipline and thoroughness.

Education Prowess Initiative is a non-governmental and private sector driven initiative with the aim and objective of arousing educational curiosity, sustaining interest and driving development through such activities as competitions, contests, quizzes and educational tours.
They have been holding maths and spelling competition for secondary School students across Nigeria.